What is LANGUAGE! Live?

LANGUAGE! Live is a comprehensive literacy solution that combines foundational and advanced learning skills with digital and teacher-led intervention to significantly improve reading and writing skills.

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See how LANGUAGE! Live is a comprehensive blended learning solution for struggling adolescents that inspires a new level of confidence and drive to help students become proficient readers.

Take the tour and see how this proven program meets students where they are and gets them where they need to be.

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  • Struggling readers excel with two times' literacy gains to close the gap faster than with any other literacy product.
  • Uses innovative technology to strengthen foundational skills.
  • Leverages teacher guidance for instruction in advanced literacy skills.
  • Merges leading-edge research and data-driven assessment in a unique, motivational, classroom-tested approach.
  • Provides the flexibility to implement in any classroom.



LANGUAGE! Live offers more features in one comprehensive solution—without restrictive purchasing options, hosting fees, or costly add-ons.

  • Blended online/teacher model
  • Data-driven teacher instruction
  • Personalized and self-paced online instruction
  • Research based, latest research
  • Comprehensive writing instruction
  • Easy implementation
  • Teacher support, training, and professional development provided
  • Teaches foundational skills
  • Quickly moves students to more advanced skills
  • Robust language development/grammar strands
  • Affordable, straightforward pricing
  • High-interest and age-appropriate content

I Am More

Adolescents who struggle with reading often are reluctant to bring attention to themselves and engage in class. Teachers tell us these students want to learn but are uncomfortable when asked to read aloud or sound out words in learning groups. With the right intervention, these students—who share the same dreams and aspirations as their grade-level peers—can become more, do more, and achieve more.

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One portion of the program is face-to-face teacher-led instruction; the other portion is technology-based, independent learning. And it’s not simply up-to-date classroom technology, but the next generation of technology—students use the same technology in LANGUAGE! Live that they use every day.



How LANGUAGE! Live Aligns with Your State

Learn more about LANGUAGE! Live. Find state-specific correlation guides, research reports, white papers, successful case studies, webinars, and other materials.

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